Your embarrassing school stories?

I have a lot.

In elementary school (can't remember what grade) I was volunteering in the cafeteria and I had to spray the lunch trays. Well I really had to pee and I couldn't find the lunch lady anywhere, and by that time I couldn't hold it in and my pants were soaked, she came back a few minutes later and I told her I accidentally sprayed myself with water. I had to wear pants from the lost and found, it was so embarrassing.

In 3rd grade we were playing dodgeball, I was wearing pink denim pants and I bent down to grab one of the balls. I heard a loud rip and the next thing I knew, my entire class could see polka dot underwear.

In 7th grade I was sitting on the bus and my crush got on and walked by, I thought he waved and said hi to me and I smiled and said hi back. I realized he had said it to the kid in front of me.

In 7th grade I had my period and I leaked, and I stood up for a group project and didn't realize that it had gotten on my chair. The really loud obnoxious girl who sat next to me announced it to the whole class. My best friend tried to defend me by saying it was already there but I don't think they really believed her.

In 9th grade (my current grade) my mom was picking me and my friend up and she had the dog with her. But he jumped out when we opened the door and I had to go chase him and bring him back. He's like 60 pounds, and I fell backwards onto my butt and he squished me. My crush was outside the school near us and saw the whole thing. D:

I know there's more but it's all I can think of right now. So what are some experiences you've had?

Lol my whole elementary school career was embarrassing x) I was literally the stupidest person in the grade…I was failing every single subject, and the worst part is I didn't even give a damn, I took each failure in stride haha. Of course I'm not like that anymore, but it shames me to think back on it…

I have a lot of stories, so this may be long.

My name is Rebecca and all through grade 7 and 8, my two teachers (both male) called me Bekker. Not an embarrassing nickname in general, but to have your teachers give you a petname when you're 12-14 years old…not the most socially acceptable thing.

This didn't directly involve school, but on the last day of grade 7, my best friend threw a big slumber party for all the girls in my grade. I was running down the hall to go out the backdoor and I thought the door was open…I ran right through the screen door, broke it off it's hinges and everything. I still haven't lived that one down.

For our 8th grade trip, we went to this youth camp for a few days. Well there were a bunch of other schools there as well, and every day we ate together in the cafeteria. There was this boy from another school that I thought was really cute, and I remember staring at him all the time. A number of embarrassing things involving this boy happened over those few days…

First, my teachers (the same ones who called me Bekker) apparently noticed and kept trying to give me advice.

Second, my idiot friends went over and told him that I liked him. I ran into the bathroom and the other girls literally picked me up and tried to throw me out of the bathroom while I held on to a sink or something. The boy was standing outside cheering them on T____T

Third, the boy came up to me and knelt next to me and started chatting me up. This would have been pretty awesome if my teachers weren't sitting next to me snickering.

Finally, on the very last day, the boy was leaving with his school to go home. I was still sitting down with my school. He turned around and screamed “I'LL MISS YOU BEKKY!” across a cafeteria filled with a hundred adolescents. People clapped T______T

My best ones happened last year. I was 16 and I went on a 4 trip to New York City with my art class. The first one happened when I was in this pizza place on Bleeker street. There was a step just inside the door, but I didn't see it. On my way out, I tripped and started to fall. Everyone in the place stared at me and gasped. This really big asian guy caught me…I literally fell into his arms! I was so embarrassed, I got up and said sorry and quickly ran out. As I left I heard the guy's buddy saying “Next time pay for a girl's meal before you make her fall for you!” T____T

The next day, we had free time to do some exploring and I was with my friend. She saw these two girls that she didn't like so she quickly grabbed my wrist and yanked me in the other direction. In doing this, I ran into this HUUUUGE fat dude, my face literally squished into his chest and bounced off…I wanted to die. On the very last day, they let us go shopping in Times Square and my friend and I got lost. We couldn't find our bus and were wandering around in the dark for an hour when a teacher found us. I was sobbing and everyone else on the trip was so pissed off at me because they had to wait in the bus while I was wandering around lost.

One more. This will be the last one, I promise.

A few weeks ago, I went to Washington DC with my school. It was really cold and there was a street fair with loud music, so I started dancing wildly trying to warm up. I accidentally punched this really attractive teacher in the chest when he was behind me. He made a really loud “ooof!” sound. Oh my god.

Wow, that was a lot. Sorry about that, hopefully I at least gave you a chuckle x) Thanks for asking this question, brought back some memories 🙂