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Use an AED as soon as it is ready to use. If CPR is in progress, continue until the AED is turned on, the AED pads are applied Begin CPR until an AED becomes available. Follow local protocols regarding whether you should use an AED in this situation. 11 Courtesy of Ted Crites. Note:

The rescuer should continue compression-only CPR until an AED is available or first responders can assist the victim. If the trained lay rescuer is able to perform rescue breaths, compressions and breaths should be provided in a ratio of 30 compressions to 2

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You should continue giving the patient CPR until: The casualty starts breathing spontaneously – This occurs very infrequently, and does not include gasping, called agonal breathing.

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Kit2kat answers: You should continue administering CPR until a Paramedic (or someone else with Medical Training) arrives, you would be keeping the person alive, even if you cannot detect a pulse, but breathing and keeping the heart going, you are acting as their heart and respitory system.

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What should you do next? Begin CPR, by AED saves thousands of lives each year In most cases CPR helps keep victim alive until EMS or AED arrives Circulatory System arrive, what should you do next? Leave the pads in place and continue CPR What is the best way to relieve

Continue CPR until Responsiveness Or Normal Breathing Return
FIRST AID BITES AND STINGS Tick Signs and symptoms: Weakness of the face and upper eyelids, progressing to arms and breathing muscles.

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Continue CPR until you see signs of life or until medical personnel arrive. Share; Tweet; Feb. 07, 2012. References. Field JM, et al. Part 1: Executive summary — 2010 American Heart Association guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency cardiovascular care.

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CPR should continue until AED pads are placed and the AED is ready to analyze. • If the victim is a child or infant and the rescuer did not witness the arrest, the rescuer should give 5 cycles of CPR (about 2 minutes) before activating the emergency response system

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You should continue CPR until – A. The scene is determined to be safe. B. The person's condition worsens. C. You are too exhausted to continue. D. You need to call 911 or the local emergency number for advice on a nonlife-threatening condition.

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Continue CPR (30 chest compressions followed by 2 breaths, then repeat) until the person recovers or help arrives. If an AED for adults is available, use it as soon as possible. If the person starts breathing again, place them in the recovery position.

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