Women And Strength Training – No You Will Not Bulk Up

Ladies, I'm here today to give you a good hard shake. Especially if you are avoiding weight training under the misguided fear that you will get bulky muscles and wind up looking like Arnold. I'm here to tell you that is just NOT TRUE. Women are just not genetically designed to bulk up, so unless you're using steroids (and you'd better not let me hear that you are) you have nothing to fear from strength training and EVERYTHING to gain.

First of all when I'm talking about weight training, I'm talking about getting HEAVY with it. No little pink 5lb dumbbells for you (or me) please. I mean really… what could you possibly be affecting with those little things anyway? How much do you think your purse weighs? Probably more than 5lbs I'm guessing. Just to be clear: if you aren't lifting heavy enough weights to actually affect some CHANGE in your muscles, you are, at best, maintaining your current fitness levels. You can't progress unless you challenge your muscles. And because women have lower testosterone levels in their bodies than men, it's pretty much impossible for us to bulk up like men can.

So, when you hit the gym, get your warm up done and then hit the weight stack. Grab the heaviest weights you can lift for your prescribed number of sets and reps and work towards progressing to even heavier weights. Here's what benefits you will reap:

1. Nothing makes a woman's body look more toned and sexy than some muscle definition. Weight training is the best way to achieve muscle definition. You like the look of defined shoulders? Sexy, shapely legs? Weight training with heavy weights will get you there.

2. Trained muscle burns more calories, even in a resting state, than untrained muscles. So if you're working towards losing some fat or maintaining your current weight, keep training those muscles and keep burning fat at an accelerated pace. Simple as that.

3. Heavy strength training will help you avoid osteoporosis. Weight training puts pressure on muscle, ligaments, tendons and yes, even bones, making all of the above stronger and thereby less likely to suffer from osteoporosis as we age.

4. Strength training helps with real life function. The stronger you are, the easier you're going to find it to lift your child or a bag of groceries, reach to the top of your cabinet for a can of food, do housework, run to catch a light as you cross the street or any number of other real life functions that are just part of day to day activity. Why limit your abilities, particularly as you age, by avoiding that which will make it easiest to perform these functions?

So remember ladies, you won't develop huge, manly muscles from strength training with heavy weights. But what you will get is a sexy, shapely, toned and fit looking body that will be the envy of everyone. So step up to the weight stack, don't be shy, and grab the heaviest weights you can manage. You'll be thrilled with the results.