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¾ Advanced First Aid: (Advanced Level 40 hr course) 2 year certification ¾ ¾ Wilderness First Aid (Standard Level) 2 year certification

PEDIATRIC FIRST AID COURSES . FOR CLASS A & B CHILD CARE CENTERS (Approved effective January 14, 2012 through June 30, 2014) APPROVED COURSE . TITLE

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Wilderness and Remote First Aid • Babysitter's Training . least one course of record since December 31, 2010; AND • Successfully completed the recertification assessment (an online knowledge assessment) with a score of 80% or Course: Author: Michelle CLark

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First Aid: Wilderness First Aid Training From Wilderness Medical Associates International

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Wilderness & Remote First Aid — University of Scouting What: Wilderness & Remote First Aid is a 16 hour course offered at the Mount Baker Council

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Navigation and wilderness first aid for the scouts last night. – AR15.COM—– Login? Tools. AR15.Com. 3 Gun Nation. Archery. Online Store. Join wilderness first responder course than any other school Ive ever been to . Good on You. User Info. Ridgerunner9876. Member. Team Member.

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NOLS is a wilderness education school offering expedition length courses in eight countries. The site includes course information, minimum impact techniques, wilderness first aid, and research reports.

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Training & Certification; Learn About Our Programs. First Aid, CPR and AED. Workplaces, Schools and Individuals; Professional Rescuers; Wilderness, Sports and Pets

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America Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines • Offers enhanced content and topics to meet OSHA’s Best course.Ifyouarenotcurrentlycertified inCPR/AED,contactyourlocalRed Crosschaptertoenroll. OutstandingParticipantMaterials

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