Why Weight Training Is Necessary For Women?

Many times I talked with some girls at the gym, when I asked, why not weight training? All said, I do not want my body to be big and muscular like “them” while pointing to the few boys who were weight training. Hearing these answers, I feel sorry for the lack of knowledge in the field of health and body shape, but at the same time I feel very offense (because I was desperately do weight training but my body is not big, not even a girl who doesn’t do weight training said afraid to be big).

Boys and girls are different species. An extreme example of such a boy and a girl practicing with the same load weight, eat as much protein, and practice the with same long duration, how about the results? The guy must be more muscular than girls. Because the boy’s body, producing hormones that are used to build muscle in a very large number, about 100x girls. Can imagine how different our bodies. In addition, because there are genetic differences, the body of the girl even be trained very hard can not be expanded or enlarged as a boy. Girl muscle will condense or even tightened when trained even with a very heavy weight.

Girl’s body has a certain amount of fat is higher than the body of a boy. When train the muscles, along with the condense and tightened the muscles, fat deposits will be reduced. Fat will be burned in the muscle cells, so more number of muscle cells, the fat-burning stoves will be more and more, and certainly this is the desirable, isn’t it?

Let us look at how many overweight girls who come to the gym and do the cardio training immediately on a treadmill. So every day, but the weight is not come down, or down but only 1-2kg it can never reach the ideal weight? They did not enter the weight training into the training schedule.

So for the girls, do not be afraid to do weight training. In addition to a tightening of the muscles, the body of a girl will get a bonus of fat reduction. The right road to a more sexy body.