Why Should You Pursue An Undergraduate Degree In Business?

Thinking about majoring in business, but the divergent views on its benefits you keep hearing are making you feel confused? While some may dismiss an undergraduate business degree as a generic program that attracts way too many people, dont let this cynical approach discourage you.

The reason business degree programs have such mass appeal is because of their power to help you take your career to dizzying heightsprovided you show some initiative and put in a lot of hard work.

If you have chosen to enroll in a business degree program, its probably the smartest personal and professional move youve made, and heres why:

Prestigious career: Business degree graduates are among the most in-demand and respected professionals. The credibility they enjoy comes from the knowledge that it takes extraordinary academic intellect and personal strength to complete a business degree program. Additionally, the sort of skills they bring to the table are highly sought afterbe it their deft management capabilities or remarkable leadership qualities. The most strategic and key positions in an organization are still reserved for business graduates, and thats an indication of the kind of prestige associated with this degree.

Ample choice: One thing youll never have any dearth of as a business degree graduate is choice. When you begin your academic program, youll have various specializations to choose from, depending on your area of interest. Whether its something as specialized as a property management degree or as generic as a business management program, youll have tons of specializations to pick from and build your career.

Numerous opportunities: Graduates of business degree programs almost never have to worry about what to do with their degree because for them, the world is their playground! Every industry, every business, and every sector has use for business graduates. A healthcare facility needs a health services administrator, a retail outlet requires the services of a store manager, a university cannot do without a school administrator, the job of a systems manager is indispensable for an IT firm, and a sales manager is vital for attracting business to a hotel. These are just a few examples. Based on your personal and career goals, you will have several such opportunities to choose to pursue.

Higher paycheck: Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for the enormous popularity of business degree programs is their ability to increase your earning potential. According to a list of best undergrad college degrees by salary compiled by payscale.com, business program graduates can earn a starting median pay of $41,000 per year and by mid-career, they can make an average of $70,500 per annum (depending on education, experience, and location).*

Portable skills: The skills provided by business degrees are not just applicable across industries, but also relevant across geographies. You can move anywhere in the world, and your skills can still help you land a job. After all, leadership quality, problem-solving ability, strategic thinking, analytical skills, etc. are extremely valuable proficiencies to have wherever you are on the globe.

Entrepreneurial approach: Another big plus of an undergraduate business degree is that it gives shape to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. A business degree encourages graduates to think big and come up with innovative ideas to start a venture. There cannot be a bigger test of your business knowledge and expertise than turning it into a successful entrepreneurship.

Academic advancement: An undergraduate degree in business lays the ideal ground for further academic pursuits in the area. Graduates of such programs are perfect candidates for an MBA program, which is among the most elite professional degrees. Most MBA programs have stringent entry requirements, including a tough interview process. Those with professional experience and a relevant academic background have the best chances of cracking it!

Variety of schools: The best part about choosing a business major is that many schools offer business degree programs. Whether its a college in Utah that you have your sights fixed on or a B-school in the sunny state of California, there are enough universities across the length and breadth of the country and even beyond that offer refined business curriculums.

* payscale.com/best-colleges/degrees.asp

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