Why Should I Study Psychology?

Psychology as a subject is increasing in both importance and the market demand worldwide. The enthusiasts study the subject either for the thrill of it or they would like to apply the skills in other areas of their lives. What is study psychology anyway? This is the learning of mans mind as well as the behaviors he depicts. When we add research to the psychology equation we would now begin to understand how human beings think as well as read their emotions.

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We know that you can study psychology for fun or everyday living; however there are also other advantages of studying the discipline that can help you as an individual. One, psychology is like this key that opens the door to a world of multiple career opportunities. Many of the top paying jobs you can think of will most likely have psychology as their foundation. Two, there is also the advantage of personal growth since the discipline builds you on knowledge and a vast array of skills to help you in the long run.

That known, what are the courses in psychology we can pursue? For the rookie, you can have a Bachelor Degree in the discipline as your starting point. At this stage you will focus on human behaviors as well as social sciences. The requirement for this Degree is a GED, high school diploma or generally any degree that marries into the discipline.

Now that you are versed with the discipline, you can study psychology as a Masters degree. This expounds your knowledge as subjects like biology, mathematics and physical science are added to the picture. For you to pursue Masters Degree in the discipline, you will require at least 2 years of psychology as a graduate program. A clinical attachment plus research thesis should have been performed by the student before enrolling in a Masters program.

The enthusiast who wants to go to a deeper level can continue with a PHD in study psychology where the knowledge is increased once again. You get to learn the evolvement of knowledge, motivating factors in life, consciousness and the minds sexual development. If you are a PHD guy, you can pursue one in Family and marriage therapy, child psychology or counseling psychology; the window of opportunities is so wide out there.

As we mentioned before, you can study psychology and land in very lucrative career opportunities. You can be a clinical psychologist, sports psychologist, Forensic & Genetic psychologists. You can be a counselor or even a special education teacher. The beauty of the subject is in the versatility it comes with; you only need psychology as a base and stepping stone that lifts you to greater heights of success.

Still not motivated to pursue this subject? The pay will definitely urge you to give it a thought; for some of the careers we mentioned above, you could easily pocket about $40,000 which can even go to $80,000 depending on the area of employment. So psychology is more than just opening up the human brain, it also opens up the gift box of success youve always dreamed of.