Why should elementary kids have cell phones?

Sometimes it seems like children are addicted to talking and texting on cell phones. It may make you wonder if young children are mature enough to have these devices. However, there are some reasons why elementary school kids should have their own cell phones.

Child Emergencies

The No. 1 reason why elementary school kids should have cell phones is for emergency situations. If a child is lost, hurt or feels threatened by a stranger, the child could call a parent or 911.


Parental Emergencies

If there is an emergency at home while the kids are in school, parents can call their children and inform them of the situation. Parents can let their kids know that they are going to pick them up or that someone else is going to pick them up from school.

Running Late

Parents can get worried if their kids are late getting home. When the school bus breaks down, a child can use a cell phone to call his parents to explain why he is late.


Cell phones can teach elementary school kids about responsibility. They have to limit their minutes and take good care of their phones, or their parents might take their phones away from them.

Global Positioning System

Some cell phones are equipped with GPS technology. Seeing where their kids are can sometimes put parents’ minds at ease.


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