Why is Bluebird Flight Academy the Best flight School for Indian Students?

A very renowned name in the aviation industry, known to accommodate the requirements of Indian students in particular is Blue Bird Flight Academy. Blue Bird Flight Academy is solely focused on providing a high-tech, smart and quality training and services to the Indian students. We are more focused on Commercial Pilot Training for the young aspirants of becoming commercial pilots. 

BBFA has been devoted to provide a high class Commercial Pilot Training. Just quality training is not sufficient to nourish a competent and skilled Commercial Pilot and Blue Bird Flight Academy is well aware about it. That is why at BBFA, we aim to furnish every student with all the basic essentials to the technical needs. It is quite natural to wonder, what is so special about Blue Bird Flight Academy that it is regarded to be the best flying school for the Indian trainees.

• First and foremost reason is that Blue Bird Flight Academy is located in Chilliwak, Vancouver, Canada. The weather is very favorable for flying all round the year. More over, policies of Canada Transport has always been in favor to the Indian students. It gives the training following the ICAO rules which is followed in India as well as Canada.

• Blue Bird Flight Academy gives both flight training and ground training; a total of more than 240 hours of training at a very affordable amount. Apart from the regular training, Blue Bird Flight Academy has been conducting many seminars on Airport Security and Counter Terrorism.

• We have an excellent set of fleet that helps the student learn in the best way possible. Indian students will have no difficulty in flying the passengers planes because we give training in all types of engines.

• At Blue Bird Flight Academy, we are committed to give you the best from our experienced and skilled instructors. Our instructors have been training for many years and are well aware of the needs and capacity of each individual trainee.

• We also provide various extra circular facilities to the students apart from modern accommodation facilities. All round growth and development is our priority. Cricket, Board Games, Pools & Snooker, Football and many more indoor and outdoor games keep the students occupied while they are not on the training ground.

• From your visa application to your Commercial Pilot License examination, Blue Bird Flight Academy serves you like a slave and accompanies you like a friend away from home.