Why A Green Degree Is Good For The Economy

The recent economic slowdown has increased concerns for a major percentage of America”s work force. With these new recessional anxieties and growing threat that forecasts of a long global economic disaster, universities that offer Green Degree programs are becoming popular. Due to this, a myriad of opportunities have arisen that focuses on improving the economic as well as environmental status of our society.

Green Economy

The growing number of green jobs is becoming rapidly larger. Through creating strategies for clean energy, abruptly slowing down global warming, growing and developing stronger communities, it all adds up to the ultimate plan of a Green Economy for the creation and growth of new jobs. The Green Economy plan is the centerpiece of United States President Barack Obama”s new economic recovery program that he had just recently announced. If all goes well, it will mean thousands of new jobs and businesses as well as helping to develop emerging technologies.

Impact on Education

Companies will need people who have Green Degree backgrounds in order for the new economy plan to succeed. It will certainly cause a significant rise of new environmental incentives and scientific awareness for existing businesses. These factors alone will create new demands onto the existing positions within the business sector in order for them to understand and thereby follow through with the objectives for sustainability and environmental initiatives. Educational requirements will have to focus more on Energy Studies, Sustainability Management and other such degrees that promotes a Green economy. With that, more and more universities will have to offer Green degrees in order to fill this hierarchical demand.

Job Opportunities

It”s most likely that the job that you have right now (or the job that you”d really like to have), is going to have to address some of the aspects concerning sustainability or renewable maintenance of energy, resource, or property. Having a Green Degree is going to be a popular means of getting into jobs that focus on environmental safety, awareness, energy sustainability, etc. For some examples on what the most likely job opportunities are for people who have Green degrees, and for those who want to pursue a career in these fields, read below:

” Renewable Energy manufacturing companies

“Renewable Energy installation and maintenance service companies

” Environmental Consultancy agencies (private or governmental)

” Energy Efficiency companies

” Renewable Power utilities companies

” Green research organizations (educational, private or governmental sectors)

” Renewable Energy system designs (private companies, government agencies, freelance agencies, etc)

” Specific Research and Development agencies for environmental studies such as Bionomics, Regenerative Medicine, etc (private and governmental)

” Strategic Sustainability planning

“Energy Economics

” Energy Management

” Policy Awareness

” Environmental Education

” Political organizations that focus on priorities of ecological awareness

A Green Degree is definitely a good advantage to have especially these days. Most courses take only 2 years to finish and you can then apply for jobs that”d suit you comfortably (provided that they”re related to the ones listed above). With the recent economic crisis, it”s always a good idea to look for work in the verticals which focus on improving the economy as well as helping out the environment. You never know, you just might also do your bit for Mother Earth concurrently.