Where Can I Learn Infant CPR?

Learning infant CPR is an important skill that is easily learned. With a short lesson and some practice of the techniques involved, anyone can learn the important, life saving technique of infant CPR in a short amount of time.

The first step in learning infant CPR, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation is to find a class in your area. A quick search will bring up many options. Many places offer a general CPR class which will include lessons in adult, child and infant CPR. Other classes are geared toward child or infant CPR. Organizations, such as the American Red Cross has training for babysitters which includes child and infant CPR along with basic first aid. Many local hospitals and county health organizations offer classes in infant CPR to expectant mothers and their families. Another good place to find a CPR class geared towards infants is your local fire department. Many departments hold CPR classes at low or no cost as a community outreach event.

Find an infant CPR course that meets your needs. One good place is your local American Red Cross. Local chapters give courses in adult, child and infant CPR. Along with learning CPR for infants, you will also get training in CPR for children and adults. You will also be trained on the use of an AED, Automatic External Defibrillator. The Red Cross also has classes that are targeted to specific groups such as babysitters, child care workers, lifeguards and classes for the professional health care worker that includes the basics of infant CPR. Your local chapter can give you a schedule of classes in your area. There are also online classes available. With a Red Cross online course, you can learn at your own pace. In order to receive a certification, you will be required to take an online test at the completion of the course. You will then have to attend a skills session to review and test you on the skills you have learned.

Another good place to hook up with infant CPR classes is the American Heart Association. The AHA has many CPR programs geared toward the healthcare professional and lay person. A good program offered by American Heart is the Heartsaver CPR in Schools. This course is designed for middle and high school students. While the core of the course is adult CPR and choking, an infant CPR component can be added. Another great program is Family & Friends CPR. This is an easy course that also has an added infant CPR component. To learn about infant CPR and other American Heart Association programs go to their website and click on the CPR and ECC link. You can also find courses in your area by clicking on the Find a CPR Class link.

There are many great and easy ways to learn infant CPR. Hospitals, fire departments and community organizations are probably putting on classes in your area. The American Red Cross and the American Heart Association has made infant CPR education convenient. What are you waiting for?