What training is required to become a crime scene investigator

Prospective crime scene investigators must undergo training before being certified. This training consists of classroom instruction and real-life experience. More training time is needed for investigators to be considered for promotion.

Certified Crime Scene Inbestigator

One year of crime scene-related activity must be documented in order to become a certified crime scene investigator. Forty-eight hours of crime scene-related courses must have been taken within the last five years.


Certified Crime Scene Analyst

The training requirements to become a crime scene analyst are an extension of those needed to become an investigator. Three years of crime scene activity and 96 hours of classes must be logged to attain this position.

Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst

One hundred and forty-four hours of classroom training and six years of crime scene activity are required for this position, according to the International Association for Identification. Applicants must also be teaching, have published in a professional journal, made a presentation about crime scene investigation or have testified in court.

In-House Training

Board-approved training from an employer can fill in for the aforementioned requirements.

Continuing Education

Classroom hours may consist of any approved classes. These classes include death investigations, arson investigations and blood pattern analysis.


International Association for Identification: Requirements for the Certification of Crime Scene Investigator/Analyst

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