What should a first aid kit contain?

When you pack your own first aid kit you have the chance to customize it to fit any of your specific needs. Always have the basics of first aid in your kit, but also consider where you are going or what kind of event you are heading to when creating your kit as well. A well-packed first aid kit can be the thing that gives someone a fighting chance to survive a serious injury while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

The Basics

According to Police-Scanner.info some of the basic items that should be in every first aid kit are sterile bandages, medical gauze, scissors, safety pins and tweezers. You should also have an antibiotic ointment to be applied to cuts and scrapes, non-aspirin headache medication and self-adhesive bandages for smaller cuts and abrasions. You will also want to include sterile rubber gloves and cotton balls as well to help with applying ointments and cleaning wounds. Keeping a first aid book with your supplies will help you recognize and properly deal with incidents as they occur.


Aside from the basics you will also want to include medication that applies to other common daily situations. Netdoctor suggests including cough medicine and throat lozenges especially during the cold and flu season. Allergy medications could also be in your first aid kit but be certain to let the person know what they are taking. Over-the-counter pain medicine can be useful, along with aspirin for those that are able to take it. Help for gas and bloating should be included, as well as assistance for diarrhea and constipation. A sterile eye wash along with an eye patch will help clean out someone’s eyes if they are exposed to a dangerous material.

Customizing Your Kit

A customized first aid kit can come in handy on vacations and day trips. If you plan on getting on a boat then put some seasickness medication in your kit along with sunscreen. For trips that may last a few days you can include a flashlight with fresh batteries, anti-bacterial soap, insect repellent and sting relief. If you are headed out hiking then you may want to include things such as a sterile suture kit in case you develop a deep cut that needs more than a bandage to close.


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