What IT positions require a bachelors degree?

What positions in the information technology field require a bachelors degree?…..and what would probably be the hightest salary someone can earn in the IT field without a bachelors?

Yoda has given you a good answer. The minimum educational requirement for IT is a Bachelors degree and it has been that way for about the last 10 years.

One of the common questions asked out here on Yahoo Answers is if it possible to get a good job in Information Technology or Computer Science if you don’t have a college degree. The answer is it is possible but it is not probable. Many non-graduates end up working for themselves in their own small IT service company or eventually facing the reality that they will need a college education.

This question is a tough one to answer because if I tell you “NO” there will always be someone who will pop up and tell you about how they got into IT with no degree. If I tell you “YES” it may give you false hope and you may later find that it is very difficult to find a job with no degree. So let me try to explain to you the current employment situation in IT.

On most IT job postings there are 50-100 people applying and only the top 10 candidates will be interviewed. Many of those people applying will have Bachelor’s degrees and some will have job experience and so someone without a degree will seldom if ever get called in for an interview because they will fall outside the top 10 candidates.

This makes it frustrating for someone who is very gifted, because they never are even given a chance to see an interviewer face to face. It may seem unfair and wrong but many employers use a Bachelor’s degree as the basic qualifier for employment and will discard or disqualify the applications of anyone that does not have at least that degree. At this point many people will argue they know more than the college grads but, honestly, most employers don’t care about that because long term they believe college grads will excel in the workplace.

Employers look at a degree this way – A 4 year degree tells them 2 important things about you:

1. You are teachable. Most employers are going to train you anyway. They realize that college textbooks are usually way out of date and so the content you learned is less of a concern to them. They really want to know if they can train you and a degree indicates that you can be taught.

2. You will complete what you start. The world is full of people that start things but never finish them and employers would prefer people that will finish what they start. A 4 year degree gives them a good idea that you will complete what you start.

If you don’t have a degree here are some options for initial employment:

1.Become self-employed and open your own IT consulting business.

2.Find a small computer consulting business that will hire you.

3.Work in a local computer repair shop.

Earning statistics reveal that with a high school diploma you will earn about $1 million in your 40 year working lifetime of age 25-65 years old. The 2 year Associates degree from a junior or community college will take you to $1.5 million and a 4 years Bachelors degree will get you over $2 million. That is a $1 million difference over a lifetime.




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