what is the difference between bachelor degree and college degree?

is bachelor degree means under grad? im a bachelor of science in nursing student, but i stopped for a very personal reson ,i wasn't able to finish my course, im just lacking 3 units, does it makes me bachelor degree?? i just want to know..thnx you

A college degree is any degree awarded by a college. College degrees include:

Undergraduate degrees:

–Associates degree (2 years)

–Bachelors degree (4 years)

Graduate degrees:

–Masters degree (about 6 years)

–Doctoral degree (about 8 years)

To earn a degree, you must complete a certain number of credits in the courses required for your major. Since you have not completed all of your required courses, you don't have a bachelors degree. You'll know if you have one because you'll be awarded a diploma stating what degree you've earned.