What is professional training for ballet mean?

It means studying at a top ballet academy not a recital school, graded ballet or competition ballet school. Dancing with live accompaniment in class not canned music. It also means that you are studying with a teacher who instead of being trained in a program on how to teach ballet, has been trained by great professional dancers/ teachers who have had careers as dancers and have been schooled in anatomy. These teachers have taught other dancers who have gone on to have great careers in dance. It means that you must give up any social life you may have to take around 17-20 classes a week. You may have to leave home and dorm at your ballet school if you don't live close enough. It means you may have to be home schooled if your academic classes conflict with your dance class schedule or you may need to attend a special school for your academics as provided or arranged by your ballet academy. It means spending your summers at one or more summer intensives taking 30 hours of classes a week. It means starting no later than age 11 at serious study with rare exceptions. It also means if the ballet academy accepts you as a student that you have a ballet body and facility. That body might change when you hit puberty and then you may be asked to leave the academy. It means instead of rushing into pointe shoes too young or after minimal training that you wait until you can do everything on flat first and you are so strong in both technique and strength that only 2 or 3 years after going en pointe you are company ready. It means hard work, pain and sacrifice with no guarantees for work after and a career that can end in a flash due to injury or just hitting the “old age” of 30. It means poor pay in many cases unless you are one of the best of the best.