what is off the job training?

what is the pros and cons for this training method?

Off the job training can involve going to college, or more likely, a training course which is run by the employer. It is training within a classroom situation, with one or possibly two tutors and perhaps no more than ten or twelve trainees in the class. Most decent employers use this kind of training method for at least some of the training, the rest is on-the-job training ie you learn as you work, with perhaps somebody sitting with you as you learn how to do certain roles, or a mentor whom you can ask if you get stuck.

Pros of off-the-job training:

There should be no distractions – phones ringing, customer interruptions etc – to stop you learning

The training is intensive and you can ask the trainer(s) if you don't understand, because they should be up to date in all the current procedures/regulations etc

You don't need to feel embarrassed if you don't understand something, because everyone there is also learning the same things.

You learn how things SHOULD be done.


Sometimes it can be boring.

Sometimes there are computer simulations which are out of date or bear no relation to the 'real world'.

Sometimes you can find that when you get back to your job, they don't do things exactly as you were taught on the training course & this can be confusing.

Sometimes you don't get the chance to put the training into practice when you get back to your job -no consolidation – so you forget what you were taught.