What is needed for a football career?

Dedication, discipline and hard work are the most important traits to have if you want to enjoy a successful football career. Learn to take care of your body if you’re playing and prioritize your time if you’re coaching.


You must be a qualified student to participate in football at all levels up to professional. A college football career is a good launching pad to the pros. More coaching jobs are awarded to candidates with an education than those without.


You must be in top physical condition to maintain a career on the field. Taking care of your body through nutrition and weight training will allow you to compete at a high level.


Some type of playing experience is a must if you want to become a successful coach. Good coaches can relate to players’ experiences and guide them toward improving their game.


Players and coaches should have a thorough understanding of the rules at their game level. Coaches must be able to teach players what they can and can’t do on the field.


Prepare to prove your worth as a coach at lower levels before moving up the ranks. As a player, focus on your health and fitness, but also on understanding all aspects of the game.


Football and Coaching