What is cross-cultural management training?

Cross-cultural management training prepares a manager to handle cultural differences and utilize the strengths of a diverse team. The training course teaches time management, communication, conflict resolution and assertiveness skills.

Business Skills

Courses in business skills are taught to help managers become knowledgeable about the essential skills they need to work with employees from different cultures. These include negotiating, customer service, presentation, sales, time management and interpersonal skills.


Communication training teaches about the beliefs, culture, values, ethics, customs, speaking styles (verbal and non-verbal) and social etiquette of a particular nationality.

Culture and Orientation

This course provides information on the history, politics, economy, demographics, and manners or behaviour of diverse cultures.


Relocation class teaches a cross-cultural manager how to prepare for a move, what items to take, information about the new city, the lifestyle there, as well as schools and health care.

Other Training

Other coursework may include developing approaches to deal with unexpected cross-cultural and inter-cultural issues and to maximise the potential of a multicultural team.


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