What is an associate degree in general studies?

According to Degree Directory, an online information resource for current and prospective college students, an associate degree in general studies is “a very general and basic degree that gives the students a base of knowledge and skills necessary to eventually move on to achieve a higher college degree, such as a bachelor’s degree.”

General Information

An associate degree in general studies typically takes two years to complete and is appropriate for students who would ultimately like to transfer to a four-year university but are not yet certain of the major they would like to pursue.


Required Courses

Earning an associate degree in general studies usually requires taking such courses as English composition, biology (or another science), college algebra (or a more advanced math), history, social science, art and literature.

Skills Learned

By working toward their associate degree in general studies, students acquire an understanding of a variety of subjects, such as writing, math, science, art and foreign language skills.

Reasons for Pursuing the Degree

This degree is a good option for anyone who was briefly out of school and wants to ultimately pursue a more advanced degree, according to Degree Directory. It is also a good option for anyone lacking college credentials who would like to become more attractive to employers.

Earnings Information

According to Degree Directory, this is often the first step toward earning a bachelor’s degree, which can mean an increase in yearly earnings of more than $2,000 on average. In general, employees with a college degree earn more than those without one, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.


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