What Is a Doctorate Degree?

Are you wanting to teach at the college level? Most colleges and universities require that you have a doctorate degree in order to teach at their institution. This is only one of the doors that a doctorate degree can open for you. So, exactly what is a doctorate degree?

A doctoral degree is sometimes called a terminal degree because it is usually the highest degree awarded in a specific subject. It typically takes four years to complete. If you have a master’s degree in a similar subject area, you can often finish your program in just three years.

The requirements for a PhD degree vary by program and university, but most require 30 to 40 courses and a research dissertation. The dissertation must contain original academic research that is worthy of publication in a professional journal. The research must be defended and approved in front of a university panel.

As stated before, some teaching positions at the collegiate level require that you have a PhD degree. In addition, some professions that require state licensing may also require that you hold a doctorate degree. It will also qualify you for the highest positions in government and private research labs.

Earning your this most prestigious degree is a task that requires extreme motivation and determination. While there are a few online programs, you may still be required to perform some on campus residencies in order to complete the program. Be certain to take all of this under consideration prior to starting your program. Also check with your employer because some will offer sabbaticals for you to earn your degree.