What degrees can you get online?

I dropped out of community college when me and my boyfriend were planning on moving to huntsville. Now we just found out that I'm pregnant so going back to school right now isn't an option. We only have 1 car so I'm gonna stay at home with the baby while he goes to work and I want to get a degree online. But I can't find a website that lists and describes the degrees you can get online.

Online degrees are not well accepted in the job market. The “graduate” may have done nothing more than hire an impostor to take online courses. The school has no way of knowing who is actually online. Is it the student, an impostor, or both at the same time? As a result, ANY online program is considered questionable. Avoid ANY online college or ANY for-profit school. Many are outright scams. See RipOffReport.com for reviews.

A far better option would be a local public community college. Many offer blended courses where you can study online, but all tests or lab work must be done in the classroom. A photo I.D. is required to enter the classroom. This helps prevent cheating by students hiring an impostor. A local public community college may also have day care on campus or nearby. This would allow you to get a legit degree without dealing with any of the rip off commercially operated schools. Visit a local public community college to sit down and talk to an adviser about your situation.

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