What are the benefits of safety training in the workplace?

Safety training in the workplace can be beneficial to the work force and the employer in ways such as decreasing time off due to injury and increasing productivity.


Workplace safety training helps avoid dangerous practices at work, which is especially important in jobs that involves heavy machinery and manual labor.


Workers that receive safety training are less likely to injure themselves and others, which decreases costs associated with missed work. Safety training can also reduce the chances of accidents that damage property and lead to setbacks in production.


Workers that learn to do their jobs safely are often more efficient and are better able to train new workers to do jobs in the best way possible.


Safety training can take many forms, such as being instructed on how to use a specific machine properly, or learning more general safety measures such as lifting and moving ergonomically or learning to work safely in heat.

Expert Insight

Many factories and other workplaces where safety is of paramount importance hold regular safety meetings where workers receive extra training and bring safety issues to the attention of the administration.


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