What actually happens in Commercial Flight Training?

It would be great, If you can mention main lessons or what kind of ground and flying work students do. For example in Private license, we basically learn to fly in the begining and get used to it later on. What is the case with commercial training?

Thank you.

Here is an electronic copy of the FAA “Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards” that pretty much covers it. Any other country has similar requirements:


Commercial training focuses on advanced flight maneuvers and more precise speed, heading and altitude control. You also move up to a complex, high performance aircraft that requires not only more precise flying, but thinking farther ahead of the aircraft. You'll also start doing more complex navigation problems.

Longer cross-country flights are an enjoyable way of building time, and advanced flight maneuvers such as Lazy 8s and Chandelles offer a glimpse at basic aerobatic maneuvers and emphasize precise coordination of the flight controls and the ability to get maximum performnce from the airplane. You'll do more advanced ground-reference maneuvers to a tighter standard too, and you'll of course beat short and soft field takeoffs and landings to death, as well as max performance approaches and climbs. Emergency procedures should receive great emphasis as well.

The Commercial Pilot ground training focuses on aircraft systems and greatly increases your knowledge of regulations, airspace, meteorology, communications, flight physiology and flight planning.

Have fun!