Weight Training Program – The Secret Of A Great Weight Training Program!

A great weight training program can be found in every gym, in every classified list and almost, on every street corner. Weight training programs are becoming more prevalent as people become more aware of how to improve their health. There are specific traits you should look for in a personal trainer that will ensure better results for you.


Schools and agencies certify many a weight training program. Some of these programs and trainers receive their certification through correspondence while others have over 500 hours of hands on training with a supervisor. The International Health, Raquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) recommends that all certification programs become accredited by outside agencies. Although this accreditation process doesn’t ensure a high quality personal trainer it does help to weed out the poor certification programs.

Ask your trainer what kind of continuing education they receive each year. A weight training program that doesn’t continue to grow and teach can’t give you the best training for your money. Also ask about the program and trainers’ experience and for references. Trainers who have years of experience and programs with a whole load of reputation are more likely to have happy clients that can give you the assurance you need to place your health in their hands.

Personal trainers in a weight training program should also have a certification in CPR in case of an emergency. They should be able to handle a situation until the paramedics are able to arrive.

Don’t discount the personality factor. If you can’t get along with the program then you won’t get the best results. The program should also be able to give you a ‘test drive’. Ask for one or two sessions without a contract to determine if you like the program’s style, personality and feel comfortable with their knowledge base.

When a weight training program first takes on a new client they should do a physical assessment to determine the clients physical abilities and knowledge of the particular area in which they are going to be trained. The assessment should also include information about the clients’ diet as the weight training program will be giving advice in that area as well.

From the assessment the trainer should develop a weight training program specifically for the individual client, set goals with the client and track the clients progress over time. Tracking progress will help the trainer to make the necessary changes in the program to assist the client achieve their goals.

A great weight training program can move your exercise program forward more quickly than going it alone. However, a poor weight training program can actually set you back and increase your chances of injury. Use these techniques to choose a weight training program that can improve your health and your performance.