Varieties in Online Training

Online Training has become the most preferred for of training these days especially by working professionals who intend to make the most efficient use of their timings. Since professionals are pushed into a tight schedule, they are in hunt of course methods which have flexible timings. Online training is one such method which helps the trainees get trained at their preferred timings. Various online IT course institutes have developed these days which has been welcomed by people all across the globe.
Did you know there are 6 varieties in online training?

  1. Through Web pages: This kind of online courses focusses on imparting training through only textual information. The learning stuff is provided as text online instead of a printed book. These web pages contain all the necessary information needed for the course, the course materials, explanations in details, instructions given step by step and all such needed information in the form of text.
  2. Through E-books: the course syllabus and details are all provided in the form of E-books wherein the attendees can browse through the books just as they browse through real books. All explanations and step by step instructions are provided in these e-books.
  3. Through Interactive course Methods: This method involves training given to the trainees through interactive elements such as clickable buttons or other such elements. Quizzes are conducted onscreen where the trainees are expected to give their replies through the clickable elements on screen.
  4. Through Screencasts:Screencasts are a better method wherein the training is imparted through a recorded video of actions that take place on screen which also includes an audio narration to help trainees have a better understanding.
  5. Through Webinars:This is another interesting course method where a platform is provided in common for a shared group of people for online chatting, audio and video transmissions. Training is imparted through this exchange of information online or by recording & replaying the online transmissions later for the trainees.
  6. Through Interactive Learning Environments: This is a method of training that incorporates all the above mentioned methods of training which would be highly useful since it carries the benefits of all the aforementioned methods.

These are the various methods of online training available through the various IT training and placement service companies. It is left to the choice of the trainees to choose the best online course provider since a lot of options are available nowadays.