Usher's Son Almost Drowns: Pool Safety for Kids

On August 5, 2013, R&B singer Usher almost lost his son. (See E Online story.) Little Usher saw a toy stuck in the drain of their pool and in an attempt to obtain the item (while under water) got his arm stuck in this piping mechanism. Fortunately, two workers on the property were able to free him, but not after other desperate attempts from relatives. Consequently, this incident is not uncommon and serves as an example as to why parents need to understand pool safety for kids.

Be present.
Don’t allow your child to swim alone. The watchful eye of an adult is necessary in order to guide him or her away from danger. You also have a better opportunity of saving him or her in the event of an accident.

Learn how to swim.

you can’t help a drowning child if you are unable to swim yourself. So take a course and learn how to navigate the waters. Your local YMCA (or YWCA) offers lessons, often for free.

Teach your child how to swim.

Give him one-one lessons yourself or do like many parents today and take him or her to a class. Swimming is an activity boys and girls enjoy all over the globe. Beside exercise, it offers young people a means to socialize and make friends.

Keep your child away from pool openings.

These include areas such as drains and pipes. Their feet and hands are small enough to get trapped inside. Freeing them could be difficult resulting in permanent injury or death.

Keep a cell phone close.

In the event you need to call 911, you don’t want to have to run inside the house. The precious moments you lose could make the difference between life and death.

Have safety drills.

They should include family, friends and neighbors – the people who basically use your pool or go to a local pool. Everyone should know what to do if someone get hurts while swimming – the warning signs, who to call and how to intervene if possible.

Learn CPR.

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is an emergency procedure that can restore blood circulation and breathing into an individual experiencing cardiac arrest. Understanding how to apply CPR to someone can save his or her life.

The above are a few basic to pool safety for kids. However, there is more information concerned parents should know. Get this data at