University Degree vs. College Degree ?

I'm a first year student at Seneca college, but I was thinking of either switching into therapeutic recreation or international accounting and finance, both of which are degree programs at Seneca college, or would it be better to transfer into a university program? Does it make a difference when it comes to job opportunities, and will university grad programs accept a student with an undergrad from a college? Any information or insight about these programs would be helpful too !

I forgot to mention, both programs are a 4 year Degree program!

I honestly think it'll be better, yet more expensive, to transfer to a university program. It definitely makes a difference – a 2 year associates isn't as valued as a 4 year bachelor's.

First, decide on which program you want to pursue currently at Seneca: Therapeutic Rec or Accounting/Finance? I've heard that its also possible, after you finish your 2-year degree, that you would only have 2 years of university to go – if you decide to transfer. Ask the admissions office if its possible. You can finish your 2-year associates and then transfer to a 4-year OR you can finish your gen-ed requirements at Seneca, then transfer to a 4-year. There are many options you can choose but, ofc, you need to be in good academic standing (at least a B average) to do most.

Hope that helps!

Edit: OH! Well, that makes a ton of difference. If its a 4-year bachelor's at Seneca, then it doesn't matter whatsoever – you'll still receive a bachelor's degree which will make you eligible for grad school and jobs offered to university students.