Undergraduate schools effect on getting into Medical School?

Im having difficulty deciding between two colleges for my undergraduate degree. Does it matter if i go to a community college and have a high GPA, versus attending a university and having the same GPA? Will having a community college listed as my college lower my chances of getting into med school or do they look at primarily the GPA,activities, and MCAT score when deciding? Also if I attended a community college for 2 yrs and tranfer to a university, does that matter when they are deciding if i get into medical school?

Medical schools do consider your GPA, MCAT, volunteer work, extra-curriculars, etc. They also take into consideration where you took your classes. A 4.0 GPA from a community college is not as impressive as a 4.0 from a university. That's not to say you cannot get accepted into medical school if you went to a community college, but it sure doesn't help. If you have the option and are serious about going to medical school, go straight to a university. Then, talk to an advisor. Good luck.