Training Your Affiliates

If you run an affiliate program, they are most likely going to need some training. You should treat your affiliates as employees for your company. Very few companies would send their employees out without, at least a minimal amount of training. Mistakes can be made, which can cost the company money. Your affiliates need this from you as well. It will set the right tone for your company as well as help ensure that things are going according to your plan.

When creating a training plan, you need to keep in mind varying levels of skill and expertise. Some may be coming to you with 20 years plus experience while others may be straight out of school. Your training needs to be multi-leveled to take this into account. Someone who is very experienced isn’t going to benefit highly from a basic sales course. It will be a waste of time and money. They need some advanced level of training that is going to suit their needs within your company. Try to develop a training program from beginning to advanced levels. Try to make it as skill specific as possible. Those that may be expert in a certain area can move on to something else.

When creating a training program, you must consider the fact that people have there own individual learning styles. Your program should have a varied approach. You could use reports for those that are good readers, you could also try your own set of interactive courses, that your affiliates could do at their own pace. Another thing you could do is web conferencing. This way all of your affiliates can learn at one time despite their location. They also have the opportunity to ask questions and see live demonstrations. Web conferencing cuts down on costs and is far reaching. It also helps your affiliates feel supported and valued.

A good training program is essential if you’re going to make your affiliate program a success. Good employee training makes your workers feel values and that they are getting something more than a paycheck. Take some time to put thought into your training. Make it skill specific and multi level accounting for various level of expertise within your company. A good training program will pay off in the end; a bad training program will be a disaster.