Training for a 5K the Easy Way

The first race is always exciting. It may also cause some form of anxiety and doubts as well. It takes preparation for this race so be prepared to make it a fun experience and use the following tips for training for 5K runs.
The distance you will be running is about 3.1 miles or Training for 5K. Since this is a shorter race, it is a good starting point for the first race.
Due to the shorter distance, this race can be completed most of the year yet for beginners, it is recommended to run in the spring or fall of the year in the milder temperatures. When the weather is hotter, it is more difficult to complete the distance.
Before starting this training process, you should be able to comfortably run two miles. The beginning of the training is designed for an easy run. Keep a pace that is comfortable to avoid strains and fatigue. There are days for complete rest and should be used for any activity other than running.
In week one, begin on Monday by resting. Tuesday run one mile at an easy pace. Wednesday run two miles at an easy pace. Thursday is a day of rest or cross training. Friday run two miles at an easy pace. Saturday run two miles at an easy pace. Sunday is another day for easy running of two miles.
Week two begins with a day of rest on Monday. Tuesday up the distance to 2.25 miles at an easy pace. You will use this same distance for Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Leave Thursday for resting or cross training.
Week three begins with a day of rest for Monday. This week the distances will vary on different days. Tuesday has 2.25 miles. Wednesday drop down to 2.0 miles. Thursday is the same as the previous weeks