Top 5 Potty Training Books

Some kids will potty train successfully with the use of a book. Here are the top five potty training books for parents and children.

Potty Training Books for Kids:

A Potty For Me written by Karen Katz

This potty training book is perfect for kids that are learning to potty train. It tells the story of a child that is learning to use the potty and the entire book is written from a child’s perspective. From wanting to play rather than go to the potty to the child’s urge to succeed, this lift a flap book was my daughter’s favorite when she was learning to potty train.

Too Big for Diapers written by Random House

This potty training book is great for kids who like Sesame Street. This book is told from Ernie’s perspective and it addresses concerns related to potty training such as the need to use just a little bit of toilet paper to wipe and washing your hands after going to the bathroom. My oldest daughter liked this book in particular because she was a big fan of Sesame Street, and she was still amused with a book about a character that she was familiar with.

Once Upon a Potty by Alona Frankel

Once Upon a Potty is available in an edition that was written for boys and an edition that was written for girls as well. The story for boys tells about a little boy named Joshua and the potty that his mommy bought for him to help him learn how to go potty. This potty training book for kids is very basic and addresses the basics of going to the bathroom. This is a great book for getting your child ready to potty train. It is so simple that there will be plenty of room for your child to elaborate and for you to elaborate with him or her.

Potty Training Books for Adults:

Toilet Training in Less than a Day by Nathan Azrin

This book is really great for parents to read before even starting the potty training process. If you read this book from start to finish and follow the guide to a tee from preparing your child to actually training, you actually can potty train is less than a day! The book is geared towards waiting till the child is cognitively ready to train which usually makes the entire process run more smoothly. I gave it a try and had my daughter ready to start an early preschool (at two years old) within a day. We started on Friday and by Monday she was attending her first day of school with panties on and never an accident!

Stress-Free Potty Training
by Sara Au

This book for parents who will soon be potty training their child is a great guide to getting through potty training for all different personality types. It reminds you that every child is different and what works for one child may not work for the next. This is especially helpful if you have more than one child and you have tried to repeat a method which now doesn’t seem to be working effectively.