Three Indicators of a Quality Middle School Yearbook

The years a child spends in middle school are some of the most memorable. During this time, children are able to forge friendships that last a lifetime with people they play sports with, sit in class with and enjoy the adventures of adolescence with. These years are fleeting, so parents should help their children find ways to keep the memories for a lifetime. Yearbooks, scrapbooks and photos are collectibles that can help remind your child of how great his or her time in middle school was.

Teachers who are in charge of putting together the yearbook know that there are certain yearbooks companies that will work with the school to make the yearbook unique to the school. A school mascot can be featured prominently throughout the book, as well as themes with school colors. School pride can be made evident with each photo of a pep rally, and your child can enjoy the nostalgia from these photos and pages in later years.

Here are some indicators that your child has a top-notch middle school yearbook.

  • Your child loves it.

This may seem a bit strange to add to the list, but a good yearbook will be loved by students. They should be excited to have one, and they should want to share it with as many people as possible. This means parents, friends, relatives and anyone else that they know.

  • The quality of the photos, text and paper is stellar.

Each photo should be clear, without graininess, and the colors should pop brightly. Text should not run together, especially since this book is meant to last for many years to come. The pages should be thick, glossy and durable. How heartbreaking it would be if a yearbook couldn’t last a few years because of its poor material and printing quality.

  • The cover is personalized to the school.

The design on the cover should prominently show school spirit. Pictures of students in the school, the school’s mascot, sports teams and school clubs should each have pages dedicated to them, as should each grade level in the school.

Your middle school child will love being able to reminisce about memories from years gone by. The yearbook will proudly display them all—the first dance, the first science fair, the first play, etc. Help your child retain memories of some of the greatest times of their lives by purchasing their yearbook.