therapy dog in training?

My dog is a therapy dog in training he is tacking some class to get him certified but at the same time after he gets certified I will be training him to be a service dog I have a vest and he will be getting a ID card soon my Question is should i bring him places will they allow it or should i just leave him home( he is a lab rott mix we think. Mom was lab dad we don't know 120lbs)

A therapy dog is a pet who visits nursing homes to cheer people up. They do not have public access rights. Public access rights for service dogs rest with the disabled person. If a dog is not individually trained to perform tasks which help with activities of daily living then they are not allowed in public places. You cannot make a dog a service dog just by buying a vest and ID card. A dog is a service dog when it is assisting a person with a disability. Businesses have the right to ask what the dog does to assist you with your disability, and if you refuse to answer they can legally refuse you access.

Some states, do allow access rights to service dogs in training, but most do not allow this for all such dogs. In many cases, it is only for dogs with certain programs, others with certified trainers, and others for dogs being trained for certain types of disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities act does not give any access rights for dogs in training.

Most states have laws which make it illegal to pretend that a dog is service dog just so you can take it into public places with you. If you do not have a disability and the dog is not individually trained to assist your disability you can be fined and/or face a term of imprisionment.

If you want to take your dog to places with you – you will need to ask permission first. If they say no it is illegal to take the dog with you unless you are disabled and the dog is fully trained, and/or the state you are in allows you as an invidual to have training rights with your dog for your disability. To check it is best to contact your states attory general.

For further information of Service dogs check out Service Dog Central, Assistance Dogs International, International Association of Assistance Dog Partners, and Delta