The Newest New American High Schools.

U.S. Education Secretary Richard Riley honored the 1999 class of

New American High Schools (NAHS) at a White House ceremony in November.

The 13 schools join the 17 that came before them because they

“offer their students a variety of challenging opportunities for

learning and exploring,” Riley said. He launched the program in

1996 to recognize innovative, cutting-edge reform efforts at the

secondary level.

“With strong leadership and a variety of innovative reform

strategies, these schools have achieved higher graduation rates, test

scores and college attendance than most of the nation’s

schools,” Riley said. “Their success provides us with a

healthy dose of optimism that we successfully can improve the quality of

education–and that it can be achieved through community investment,

involvement and action. What is more, it provides us with a model on

which we can build for the future.”

U.S. Assistant Secretary for Vocational and Adult Education Trish

McNeil presented the awards. McNeil also presented an award to Ray

Lemley, deputy executive director of the National Association of

Secondary School Principals The National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) is a United States educational advocacy organization consisting of secondary school principals. To promote excellence among middle school and high school students, NASSP founded and still sponsors the National Honor , for his support of the NAHS initiative.

McNeil presented a final award to Riley for being “a true leader

for education in this country, who set the tone for high school reform

with his inspiration and leadership.”

For more information about the NAHS initiative, contact Gail

Schwartz at 202-205-5445. To see these schools up-close, take virtual

tours by visiting OVAE/nahs.

The 1999 New American High Schools are:

Angola High School Angola, Ind.

Brooklyn Technical High School Brooklyn Technical High School, commonly called Brooklyn Tech or just Tech, and also administratively sometimes as High School 430, is a New York City public high school that specializes in engineering, math and science.