The importance of health and safety

Health and safety training is imperative for providing your staff with the knowledge required to handle emergency situations and to ensure that in their day-to-day tasks they operate in a way that does not put them at risk of accidents and hazards. If you do not provide high quality health and safety training as an employer you may be putting your employees at risk of being seriously injured or worse.

Good health and safety training prepares staff for difficult scenarios, how best to diffuse the situation and how to avoid being injured as they carry out their work. Employers should consider the following to ensure they provide adequate health and safety training for staff:
New employees are recruited on a monthly basis and they must be updated, and employees that have been with the company for many years also need to be reminded of health and safety procedures. Hold health and safety training on a monthly basis.
The training will be useless if employees cannot understand and absorb the information. Use DVDs and pictures to get the point across effectively. Make the training interesting so that they remember it. If you do not have someone within the company capable of delivering health and safety training then employ a specialist company who can do the work for you. You want to ensure people retain the information so that you avoid instances where the company could lose money due to damage or loss.

The top issues covered in any health and safety training include safe manual handling, avoiding trips, slips and falls, lifting, cleaning up spillages, the safe disposing of chemicals and other hazardous substances, using protective clothing and glasses, first aid and fire safety. Each topic is involved so you will need to have several sessions.
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