The Dog Training Secret Reviews

Written by the most renowned dog trainer Daniel Sevens, Secret to Dog Training

(formerly named Sit Stay Fetch) has always been the top selling dog training guide for

over four years,and recently an improved version of it was launched. Jam-packed by

rich information,Secret to Dog Training worth more than its selling price that you won’t

be regret purchasing it. Once you own it,you can’t be too surprised by the abundance

of information it serves! A lot of people may bother that they have to spend time

having heavy and complicated lessons before or the first time they have a dog.

Then,you need Secret to Dog Training to release your burden. The book begins with a

5-page table of contents introducing you the major idea of it,which gives you a

general view of the book. The next several parts cover several practical subjects such

as diet and nutrition,the choice of a vet,house training,etc. There are also brics

teaching you training techniques including crate training,clicker training,dog

whispering and more. If you are interested in more advanced behavior such as

chewing,biting or digging,go on read the following part which provides you with

interpretations of these actions and guidance that helps you teach your dog to do so.

In addition,there is a chapter that tells you how to recognize your dog’s facial

expressions,which is traditionally believed the most difficult ones to understand.

Attached by photographs,this is also the most funny as well as most useful part of the

book. You can command your dog to do certain activities and observe its facial

expressions to check if the book is right or not,and I am sure that you won’t be too

astonished as what is described in the book is exactly what your dog acts! To show

you the essential of Secret to Dog Training,please read following brief extracts: Being

the most beautiful but aggressive dog,the German Shepherd needs special training to

make them easier and more suitable to be kept.Below are key guidances:

1.The German Shepherd is easier to be controlled when grown up. So you had better

fully prepared when they are over naughty in their childhood.

2.With a lot of energy,the German Shepherd can be rather aggressive. You need to

start treating them with dog collars to ensure the safety of people around you.

3.You need to start teach them early with socialization. When your dog is socialized in

his or her early age,they will be more mild and less possible to bite.
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