The Difference Between Cpr And First Aid

CPR and first aid are two different, yet vitally important skills that should be learned by all individuals. Young and old alike, and persons from all walks of life, can and do greatly benefit from the knowledge of CPR and first aid.

CPR and first aid are often used interchangeably and are thought by many to be one and the same. The fact is, though both techniques are used in emergency situations, they are quite different skills. Both should be mastered by persons who wish to be able to improve the quality of life of those around them, but the differences between the two should be noted.

CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a first response technique that is used for individuals who are suffering from heart attack. Using a combination of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions, CPR can provide victims of cardiac emergencies with enough blood flow to the brain to increase viability and to reduce the risk of brain damage. CPR is also sometimes used in cases where victims are unconscious, such as drowning, in order to resume respiration.

First aid is the act of providing immediate, emergency care to persons who suffer from a medical crisis. First aid is an all-encompassing term that applies to the care given in multiple situations, including wounds, burns, allergies, bites and stings, poisonings, and nearly any other situation that might require medical care. The term first aid can be used to describe the treatment given in any situation, even those that do not require a visitation to a medical professional.

Both first aid and CPR training are widely available. In order to be able to provide the best possible care in emergency situations, individuals should seriously consider becoming certified in both. Training for CPR and first aid are available in an easily accessible, online format through American Health Care Academy at This training is thorough yet inexpensive. Above all, becoming certified in first aid and CPR can greatly increase the quality of life of all of those around you.