Technical Vs. Traditional College: The Benefits

Technical vs. Traditional: The Benefits – The traditional brick-and-mortar 4-year University education is not for everyone, but that does not mean that a rewarding career is out of reach. There are countless vocational and technical colleges available today for aspiring students that provide a wide variety of career paths to choose from. Whether the goal is to focus on cosmetology, culinary arts, the automotive industry, or environmental concerns there is a technical school out there that teaches it.

For the future businessman or woman colleges like University of Phoenix and Kaplan University have much to offer. Phoenix and Kaplan offer programs that range from certificate to doctorate level in areas such as business administration, education, and health administration.

The computer-whiz has the opportunity to attend ITT Tech or DeVry University in a program with an emphasis in computer drafting and design, network systems administration, and computer information systems.

Technical and vocational schools offer courses of study in almost every industry. In fact, they offer programs that will help graduates obtain careers in many occupations with the largest predicted growth, according to the Monthly Labor Review published in November 2007. These occupations include registered nurses, elementary and postsecondary teachers, accountants, computer software engineers, and network systems analysts.

Offering programs tailored to individual interests isn’t the only benefit of attending a technical or vocational school. Many of these colleges offer programs that can also be tailored to any schedule. For many people, working full time and attending a 4-year university full time is not an option and attending part-time drags a degree program out to seemingly endless lengths.

Technical and vocational schools with brick-and mortar campuses often give students the option of attending classes in the morning, in the evening, or on weekends. Online institutions make it possible for students to attend classes from the comfort of their own home when most convenient for them. At three o’clock in the morning or three o’clock in the afternoon these campuses are open and class is in session. Some schools, like ITT Tech, even have the option of taking programs that consist of both on-campus and online courses for an even more tailored experience.

As if the perfect course of study and the ideal schedule weren’t enough, many vocational and technical schools can offer compacted programs that can be completed more quickly than at a traditional university.

Technical and vocational schools offer a wealth of benefits for someone looking for an alternative to the traditional 4-year university. Attending classes at UCLA may not be an option, but an education and the opportunity to explore your passion is.