Supplemental Reading Instruction Offered for Secondary Reading Students

Kensington, CA (PRWEB) February 19, 2008

Let's Go Learn, Inc. announces the release of a new online supplemental reading curriculum available for secondary reading students, Unique Reader Secondary. Designed with middle school and high school students in mind, Unique Reader Secondary provides supplemental reading lessons with explicit instruction in comprehension strategies, critical thinking, and vocabulary.

Using Let's Go Learn's award-winning Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment (DORA) as its diagnostic foundation, Unique Reader Secondary is an ideal supplemental reading program for middle school and high school students. Unique Reader Secondary continues the Let's Go Learn practice of providing reading instruction within the context of high-interest, age-appropriate activities such as songs, video, and games.

Says Let's Go Learn co-founder and CEO Richard Capone, “For years, Let's Go Learn has offered differentiated, supplemental reading instruction for grades K-5; we're excited to be able to expand our offering to the upper grades with the introduction of Unique Reader Secondary. Teachers will find that the lessons address many of the comprehension issues common to middle school and high school readers. Unique Reader Secondary uses a wide variety of reading materials, including those ever elusive, high-interest/low-readability passages, so students of all backgrounds will find topics and games that grab their attention!”

Featuring a scoring system designed to encourage intrinsic motivation in students, Unique Reader Secondary rewards students frequently with positive feedback as they move ahead. Teachers or parents can use the administrative module to monitor students and can retest with DORA to show growth over time.

Let's Go Learn offers K-12 reading and math assessment and instruction as well as professional development courses for teachers and specialists. Developed by math and reading specialists and researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, Let's Go Learn's suite of products has proven to be extremely valid and reliable. Since its founding, Let's Go Learn has been used to perform over 600,000 assessments nationwide.

Let's Go Learn is committed to creating innovative, scalable educational assessment and instructional tools that help parents, teachers, and administrators rapidly advance students' abilities. By combining cutting-edge technology with best practices in education, Let's Go Learn provides top quality, research-based resources to the educational community, utilizing experts in reading, math, assessment, and instruction. Let's Go Learn strives to develop solutions that are practical and easily sustained in today's educational climate, providing students with the support necessary to ensure long-term success.

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