Successful Potty Training Tips for Boys or Girls

Here are a few tips for successful potty training with little to no stress. Children should be fully potty trained by the time they are four or five. You do have the amazing children who are fully potty trained by the time they are two. If your child is a little slower don’t worry about. Potty training shouldn’t cause you stress.
The main key is consistency.

1. The first tip for successful potty training (and raising children in general) is no matter what your child does never let them see you upset. Try to remain calm. I’m a parent too so I hear you, “What planet are you from?”. The key word is TRY to stay calm. Your children are looking for your reaction. Channel your frustration into praise for trying to use the potty.

2. Consistency in potty training is essential to the success of potty training. Take them to the potty often. Doctors recommend schedules of every two hours. This is the stressful part of potty training. Take a breath and sit them on a toilet as often as you can. Unless there is a reason you have to have your child potty trained by the time they are two relax and let them do it at their own pace. My daughter looked at me right before she turned four while I was putting her pull up back on and she said mommy I don’t need these anymore I am a big girl now. I took her out that day and she picked out her underwear and we haven’t had an accident since. That’s what I mean by they eventually get it with practice.

3. Start potty training toddlers by introducing them to the toilet. Always remember it’s something new and scary so that monster may eat them. You may want to take your children to the bathroom with you when they are old enough to start potty training. You may want to get a little potty and have them sit on their potty while you are on yours. My daughter absolutely loved this idea because she wanted to copy everything mommy did. If your child sits on their potty get excited and praise them. If they do something in the potty then have a potty party. This includes jumping around in the bathroom and clapping and cheering.

Children show signs when they are ready to be potty trained. The signs of a toddler ready to potty train include hiding when pooping, taking their diaper off after they pee or poop, and sometimes they will take their diaper off before they pee so be prepared. Hide that anger when you realize why the floor is wet or the living room stinks. Instead calmly ask why they didn’t tell you they needed to go to the bathroom.

Changing a child’s diaper often let’s them know it’s not okay to have that in their diaper. They eventually realize this and want to go to the bathroom. Don’t push the bathroom. I pushed after my daughter was doing well and then she regressed and didn’t want to go anymore. All the pushing did was to stress me and get her more adamant about not going. I changed her mind with rewards.

Children follow by example. If they have a special doll or stuffed animal this is a good time to get friendly with the doll or animal and tell your child their pet or baby needs to go to the bathroom. You can even buy a doll that actually goes potty and use it to demonstrate. That really wows a two year old.

Using these three tips should help you through successful potty training with little to no stress. Don’t push, hide negativity, and be consistent.