Sports training-soccer and volleyball. ?

I had a heel fracture awhile back, but it's mostly better now. I need to start training for soccer and volleyball, but I haven't been able to stay in great shape because my doctor wouldn't let me overwork it. What are some good exercises that I can do to get in shape and ready for sports season to begin, without making my heel hurt and my Achilles tendinitis flare up, along with exercise induced asthma and shin splints?

Hi 🙂

What you need to do is start training safely though easy on your heel. So I would start training your upper body, With situps, Some weight training, Pushups, And other upper body workouts to gain strength for it. This will give your heel more time to get better and you will have covered mostly for volleyball your training. To help your heel get better DURING training your upper body, sit up against a wall and point your toe and write out your ABC's with your foot. Now after it is recovered alot, Calflists I would hold up on for now but your heel doesn't need to be so active its your calfs and balls of your feet, squats (be careful), Wall sits (Also be careful), And some good cardio like walking, biking, dancing, running, but try not to put so much pressur eon your heal. And put a towel over your heel and ice it every night. Just remember your upper body first to help your heel get better while your training the upper most part of your body so it is better healed for lower body strength. Goodluck 🙂