Six Easy Ways to Save Money on School Uniforms

If you’re a parent whose child is required to wear a uniform to school then you know that outfitting your child for school can get quiet expensive. Not only do your children need school uniforms they also need regular clothes they can wear when at home and out in public. After all no kid wants to be reminded of school by having to wear their school uniform everywhere they go. So how does a parent save money on school uniforms while making sure their child is dressed appropriately for school? With three of my own children in school uniforms I’ve gotten pretty good at finding the cheapest school uniforms and making what I have last a long time. Here are six easy ways I save money on school uniforms and you can too.

Six Money Saving Tips For Buying School Uniforms

Use the Internet

Using the internet can be a great way to save money on school uniforms. You can use it to compare prices between retailers in order to find the best sales. You can also shop internet sites like Ebay to find both new and used school uniforms at big discounts. You can even use the internet to find free uniforms by posting on sites like Craigslist and Freecycle or swap school uniforms online at My Uniform Exchange.

Hit The Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a great source of cheap school uniforms. In order to find the best selection of school uniforms try looking just after school ends as many people donate their children’s old school uniforms once school is out. Some thrift stores hold the uniforms back until close to when school starts so they can have a large selection so it pays to check back in the fall. Not having any luck finding school uniforms at your local thrift store? Keep checking back because the great thing about thrift stores is that their merchandise changes daily.

Check With Your School

Many school’s who enforce a uniform policy also have a uniform exchange where parents can bring school uniforms that no longer fit their child and either donate them or exchange them for the next size up. To find out if your school has a uniform exchange check with the school office. If your child’s school doesn’t have one approach the PTA and ask about starting one. Exchanging uniforms is a good way to save money and it’s also good for the environment.

Avoid Shopping In The Fall

I have discovered that shopping for school uniforms during the back to school months is the most expensive time to shop. Retailers know that many parents will be school shopping for uniforms and offer fewer sales and have higher prices. By avoiding purchasing my children’s school uniforms during the fall and purchasing them in late winter and spring I have saved as much as 75 percent on their uniforms for the next school year from retailers slashing prices in order to get rid of their inventory and make way for summer clothing.

Choose Colors Wisely

When shopping for school uniforms you can save money by choosing colors and fabrics wisely. If your school offers a choice between light and dark colors such as white, blue and tan always go with the darker colors. Stains on lighter colors show up better which means you’ll have to replace your child’s clothing sooner. When choosing fabrics try and go with heavier materials and those that are stain resistant in order to make your child’s school uniforms last longer.

Buy Less

Another great way to save money on school uniforms is to buy less than your child needs. Instead of five or more pairs of pants and shirts go with three. After all since most schools limit school uniforms to only one or two colors of clothing who’s going to know that the shirt or pants your child’s in on Wednesday was also worn on Monday? Just make sure to wash your child’s uniforms between wearings. To keep my children’s uniforms looking fresh and bright even with frequent washings I make sure and wash them in turned inside out in cold water on the gentlest setting and air dry them when possible.

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