Should Recruitment for sports be allowed at the High school level?

I am doing a debate next week, and I would like to see what people on Y!A think about the topic. I am all for recruitment at a college level, but to me, High School level seems to early to start recruitment for different sports teams. All opinions are welcome, also good website or information on the topic. Thanks Much.


If Colleges aren't allowed to recruit high schoolers, you're effectively destroying collegiate athletics. Just like you'd destroy professional sports teams if they weren't allowed to draft college students.

I suspect you don't have a problem with college recruitment/application based on academics in high school, I don't really understand how this is different.

The top sports schools tend to have excellent academics and give great scholarships, it's not the high school children that suffer from recruitment. Nor do the schools suffer. Whom exactly is being hurt here?

Now, if you want to get irate at military recruitment of high schoolers – I'm with you 🙂