should I continue to take this job training program for 6 weeks?

This job training programs is paying a stipend of 100.00 a week, I go from Mon.-Thurs. wouldn't this hinder my job searching and job fairs.

I think that you need to ask God what you should do. And then in the meantime, be patient and wait. If you feel that this job training is of no use to you then you could be wasting your valuable time. But if this job training is of good use to you and your future then it is probally best to continue on full force ahead even though it might be tuff. You can do this which ever decision you make, remember that you cannot change your mind once you have decided to go on with this job training since it will be best to stay the course on anything. But sometimes it's ok to bail out of something if it is best for you and your future. The money sounds great but if you are just spinning your wheels then it's not really worth your time or anyone elses time. I know that you'll make the right decsion with God on your side. So have a blessed day!