Secure Your Career With CCIE Voice Training and Certification

The networking industry has greatly advanced and this has attracted many IT professionals to take courses from Cisco Systems so as to get the special training in networking field. Networking is a vital requirement in the corporate world today as every office and organization require it for performing various tasks. The reality however is that there is a lack of professional experts in this field which opens many opportunities for those are fully certified after successfully training and passing the Cisco certification exams. Getting CCIE Voice certification confirms an expert level knowledge of VOIP solutions within an enterprise environment.

A CCIE voice expert is thus tasked to construct and configure the most complex end to end telephony networks in an organization. The experts can also effectively troubleshoot various issues within the VOIP set up. Networking structures are well with the experts’ fingertips so they can effectively help in troubleshooting and resolving various VOIP problems to ensure the best quality of service.

Every company today needs the expertise of a certified CCIE Voice professional to accelerate various business procedures to increase productivity and innovation within the organization.

Exam Details

The only requirement for you to sit a CCIE voice certification exam is you to pass two exams i.e. a written exam and a lab exam to test your hands own skills and expertise. In order to pass these two exams, you should have a thorough training and preparation to ensure you perfectly understand all the topics and the scope of the exam before sitting it. 3-5 years of working experience in Voice technology may also be considered crucial for you to sit the examination.

The CCIE voice written exam is usually done before the practical hands-on lab exam. The exam is meant to test your knowledge and understanding of Cisco enterprise VOIP solutions together with its applications in the real life operations. This is crucial to prepare you for the highly rigorous and intensive 8-hours practical exam which tests your ability to get VOIP solution operating within the time provided. You ought to pass the two exams comprehensively before getting certified as a CCIE voice expert. The practical exam also needs to be written and passed within 18 months of passing the written exam failure to which you will be forced to start all over again if you don’t make it through the lab exam within three years after passing the written exam.

Use of Cisco Unified networks and handling of complex end to end IP telephony networks are only safe on the hands of an experienced, well trained and certified CCIE Voice expert. These are the professionals every company is seeking and in return offering them attractive remunerations and salaries. Besides, you get a chance to equip yourself with crucial knowledge and skills to apply in the modern corporate business world. The benefits are many and thus the long journey of investing your money, time and energy finally pays off. Help your organization fasttrack various business process so as to boost output and productivity by taking this amazing Cisco training course. Your IT career greatly depends with the professional courses you undertake along the way. Cisco CCIE voice could be the best you can specialize in and never regret.