Schutzhund training/personal protection training?

the trainers what kinda of training technique do they use? i am not trying to train my dogs personal protection or anything. I just would like to know if they use positive enforcement or nilf. What do they do to make their dogs listen so well? I would love for my dogs to come on command like the super well trained Schutzhund dogs.

or just it mostly depend on the dog and them gentically being bred to be so obiedent

schutzhund is the official word to describe personal preotection training

what kind of correction just vocal?

“schutzhund is the official word to describe personal preotection training”

That's not true. Schutzhund is just a sport. Protection training is the real deal. You can't train a dog in Schutzhund and expect it to protect you from an attacker in other words. But you can train a dog in protection training and it will figure Schutzhund out just fine.

It really depends on the trainer, but the ones I prefer are those that use a variety of positives and negatives. Meaning they teach the dogs to do things using food (or better yet, their prey drive, by having them play with toys as their reward), and then when the dog has learned how to do it, they “proof” the dog by taking the food reward away and punishing him with a correction (usually prong collar) when he disobeys. However, they ONLY give corrections if the dog understand the command 100%, and is just being disrespectful.