School Supply List For 8th Grader?

ok so I have always been too much of a pre-planner this is an example. So I'm gonna put an Example of my Schedule for 2012-2013 school year.

Period 1- science

Period 2- Algebra 1 Honors

Period 3- Students Assistant

Period 4- Language Arts.

Period 5- Art

Period 6- World Studies

For periods 5 and 3 those are what I applied to have as an elective

The rest of the classes are ALL advandced except for math Its a high school course though, thats what my teachers recomended me for.

Please Help though my school never has their supply list until the very end of summer I just want to have an Idea for it.

Other Questions I have in mind-

3 inch binder for all classes or one inch ( I did fine withthe 1-inch last year)


Please Answer.

Hi, well I'd normally advise you to wait until the list, but from experience I know how hectic that can be and it's good that you are starting early 🙂 Generally, the lists are just guidelines anyway so here are some ideas.

I'd go with the one inch for each. You probably won't even need all the space and you can probably take your things home after midterms and finals (if you have any). Three inches are way too large, and you'll be happy later on that you won't have to carry that in your backpack. (Even a three inch for all subjects I wouldn't reccomend, I tried a two 1/2 inch for all this year and it is difficult to separate sections, and I'm not sure you want to carry a large binder every day)

Around 10-15 Pencils (your choice, though choose number 2)

Highlighters 1-2 (colors help)

Pens for correcting

Lined paper (with holes unless you plan to use notbeooks)

Pencil Sharpeners (the school ones aren't usually that good)

dividers (decide how you want to separate your binders)

Hole Puncher (to punch your handouts)

sheet protectors (optional, just in case)

reinforcements (optional)

Generally, I'd stay away from folders but that's just my personal preference. It can get packed with the things each day and it can become quite large! I reccomend you use a hole puncher and put all your notes and handouts in one binder. That way you only have to bring one home for each subject.

For your case, I'd say a one inch for each subject or shared 1 1/2 inch for two subjects (separated by divider or sheet protector) should be fine. That's how I carrried out my 8th grade years.

Good Luck! I'm proud of you for thinking so far ahead. Can't wait to get back to school huh ? 😉