Review: Franklin University's Online Degree Programs

Choosing to pursue a college degree can be one of the most important decision of your career. For many jobs, candidates won’t even be considered unless they possess a college education. Unfortunately, for many adult students, life can be busy enough caring for children and working crazy hours. For this reason, online degree programs are becoming more and more popular. Franklin University, based in Columbus, Ohio, has several online degree programs available. Hopefully, this review of my personal experiences will guide you in determining whether an online degree from Franklin University is right for you.

About Franklin University and their Online Degree Programs

Franklin University consists of four campuses in Central Ohio, one campus in Indianapolis, and a large online learning network. The University serves the educational needs of over 10,000 students every year.

There are 24 bachelors degrees and two masters degrees currently available completely online through Franklin’s online degree program. They are constantly working to develop and add new degree programs. Check out the University’s website for a complete, up-to-date list of available degree programs.

How does Franklin University’s oursework differ from traditional college coursework?

When I first started college, I attended Ohio University. I spent two years there taking traditional college courses before transferring to Franklin University’s online program to complete my degree. The major difference between traditional and online coursework is your work schedule. With traditional courses, students have to attend class at a designated time and place. Online classes give students the opportunity to work on assignments whenever it is convenient.

The way that you acquire knowledge through traditional and online courses also varies. With traditional courses, learning primarily takes place during class lectures. The learning is then reinforced with supplementary reading and assignments. For online classes, I found the opposite to be true. At Franklin, most learning occurs from studying the text and applying the acquired knowledge during assignments.

You never need to visit the actual campus like with traditional schools. You can complete everything from your computer or by phone. Even textbooks can be purchased online and shipped to your house through a special site set up through Barnes and Noble. Click here for some of the tips I used to save big bucks on books while I was in college.

What types of students can you expect at Franklin University?

The majority of students are non-traditional adult students who have families and work full time jobs. Many are there in order to gain knowledge that can be used to enhance or change their current career. Because Franklin is a part of the US Army’s GoArmyEd program and has a partnership with the Army National Guard, the University has many students who are members of the military. It is typical to share a class with students from all over the country. During my time at Franklin University, I worked with students from nearly every US State. In one class, I even had the pleasure of working on a group project with a soldier serving in Iraq.

What can you expect from Franklin University’s professors?

The professors at Franklin University are great. All professors are required to have a masters degree in the specific area that they are teaching although many possessed doctorate degrees. I found that most of the professors were also well established professionals in their fields and not just career instructors. I feel that this gives them a better ability to give advice that is relevant to modern business practices and practical for real world application.

How do Franklin students interact with their professor and other students?

There are many ways that online students at Franklin interact with each other and their professors. Each student and professor has a school email account. This is probably one the most used methods of staying in contact. The course website allows the professor to post announcements for the entire class to see. These are important as they usually contain information about what work needs to be done during the week or changes to the assignments. For many assignments, students are required to engage in class discussions on the course bulletin board forum.

One communication tool which I found to be the absolute best was FranklinLive. FranklinLive is a web-based program that allows professors to conduct live sessions.

What is the typical weekly workload for Franklin University students?

For most students at Franklin University, two courses taken simultaneously is more than enough to keep you busy. Students can usually expect to spend about four to six hours a week on each class. I found that for some classes, especially those that cover detailed topics like mathematics, accounting, or finance, students could spend up to eight or more hours a week.

Online degree programs are not for everyone. They take a lot of dedication and focus to stay on track. It is my hope that my personal experiences with Franklin University will help you determine if their program will be what you need to reach your educational goals.