Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Cisco Training And Certification Course

Some may be confused why they should pursue their Cisco training and certification course, given the fact that it is the most expensive examination and certification an IT expert needs to get. These IT experts certainly have the idea why they should pursue their dream, but several individuals, especially those who are financially-stressed and those who are not really into the internetworking, would think that pursuing Cisco training and certification courses are never essential, especially that the industry has several opportunities available without having the aforementioned certification.

Just so as to clarify the minds of those people who think that Cisco training should never be pursued, here are some of the reasons why IT experts would love to be CCIE certified, in spite of all the money they need to spend in order for them to successfully surpass the training and certification course.


One of the primary reasons that drive an IT expert to pursue the Cisco training is the income, given the fact that an average salary of a person who has passed the CCIE examination is as much as $125,000 a month. With such money, who would not want to spend a fraction of it, and as much as 18 months, just to be able to come up with such amount?


If you will check, people who have received a CCIE certification after going through long and expensive Cisco training, is very low. That is because of how hard the examination is, and not everyone has the capability to shell out a lot of dollar in order for them to undergo the certification. If you are not familiar, an individual who would like to take the examination needs to prepare at least $1850. The examination is divided into two parts, both require payment. The first examination needs to be paid as much as $350, while the second examination must be paid as much as $1500. With such figures, definitely, only few may be able to afford the exam. These IT experts are probably up for the challenge and would love to prove their skills in their chosen field.

Career Advancement

Since there are only few CCIE certified individuals, companies that venture on the technology would surely provide more opportunities to those who have proven themselves. With that, instead of applying for a job and spending several hours and money just for you to be able to have the dream job you have ever wanted, the company youd like to work at will most-likely send you an invitation instead to work for them isnt that a great honor?

Uplifted Skill

Internetworking, especially if under Cisco, is undoubtedly hard and excruciating effort should be executed in order for you to be able to get through the Cisco training and certification process. Apart from the financial reward you may be able to get from pursuing it, what is really important is the skills you have mastered, which may probably be the focal point of your career. Being able to pass the CCIE certification after the bloody Cisco training will give you the assurance that you really know what you are passionate about the internetworking.

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